Welcome to the Umafisi Pride!

Here at the Umafisi Pride we're dedicated to having a fun time RPing and making national and global ties to others. Here we use this website to keep in contact with one another, review the rules, make announcements, and to make overall connections! So first things first, the rules! 
1.Females decide when they are in heat.
2.Females choose who they want to mate with.
3.Males may reject a female's advances.
4.No "permanent mates" instead we have favs.
5.All offspring BORN into the pride cannot mate with their relatives:no incest, no homo. 
6.No attacking wolves,etc. without being provoked. 
7.Treat everyone with respect. Keep cursing to a minimum or *bleeped*. 
9.No more than 3 chars per user in the pride. 
10.Keep the drama level down please! 
11.Looks: No neon! No spots(leopard/cheetah/etc.) No tiger stripes(liger/tigeon). No wings.
12.All adult males that join will be related to the king. Males that join as teens or cubs may choose to be related to the king.